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Union County Health Department
4335 Maynardville Highway
Maynardville, TN 37807

865-992-3867 (phone)
992-7238 (fax)

April 1 through April 5 2013 is PUBLIC HEALTH WEEK!!!  Every year in the United States, seven out of 10 deaths are due to preventable chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, but steps can be taken to live healthier lives, such as regular physical activity.  Union County Health Department encourages YOU to GET HEALTHY and STAY HEALTHY!!!


WIC Program

WIC Vendor Management

Breastfeeding Support

Nutrition Education

Get Fit TN

Family Planning

Pregnancy & Oral Health

Prenatal Care

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TENNderCare is Tennessee’s commitment to see that children and teens have the best start to a healthy life.  TENNderCare is a free program of check ups and health care services for children from birth to age 21 who are TennCare eligible. 

A check-up includes:  a health history, complete physical exam, Lab Tests (as appropriate), vision/hearing screening, developmental and behavioral screenings (as appropriate), and advice on how to keep your child healthy.  In addition, dental and behavioral health services are available.

In Union County for more information, call the local health department at (865) 992-3867, and speak directly with Community Outreach TENNderCare Representatives, Pam Williams or Erica Wilson.    (view TENNderCare Brochure here)


Charles Turner, Director

 Sue Monroe, Office Manager

Jack Immel

Rusty DeBusk